WeAreTheChurch.Faith \ WeAreTheEkklesia.com is an online ministry that is focused on evangelizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost & dying world with the love of God.

WeAreTheChurch.Faith IS NOT affiliated with an institutional church (Denominational or Non-Denominational). We do not promote institutional churches, nor do we bash or teach against institutional churches. Our focus is in alignment with the focus that Jesus Christ had when He proclaimed the coming of God’s Kingdom and promoted the need to enter it. We also proclaim the Kingdom of God and the need to enter it. Our focus is on following Jesus Christ and doing His commands. We are independent, Bible Believing, Born Again, followers of Jesus Christ. We receive the command of Jesus to preach the gospel to all who will listen and make disciples.

We understand and believe that the Ekklesia (The body of believers who who are called out to follow Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior) is the body of Christ which is made up of all who have been born again of God’s Holy Spirit and are redeemed by the precocious blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ by faith alone. We believe that the institutionalization of the body of Christ was not God’s intention nor His plan for His children. We do understand that the institutionalized church has become the known standard for those in the Christian Faith and that the majority of Christians today look at anyone who does not assimilate to the traditions of the Christian Church of today as being in error and they try to correct us. But we hold to our deep convictions that are biblically based. WeAreTheChurch.Faith IS NOT a 501.c3 church \ organization \ corporation. We are just followers of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

We clearly preach the gospel with an emphasis on the core fundamentals of the gospel message which are:

  1. Acknowledge that we are sinners that are in need of salvation.
  2. Accept that there is no other way we can be saved from our sin besides believing on Jesus Christ for the atonement and remission of sin.
  3. Repent of our sins and choose to turn from our sinful ways and desire to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God.
  4. Believe in our hearts that Jesus died for us to pay the full and final cost for sin.
  5. Confess with our mouths that Jesus died for us and that He is our Lord and Savior.
  6. Be baptized in water to proclaim our salvation decision to the world and
    seek with desire the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God.
  7. Commit to the discipleship process and find an Assembly or Congregation that disciples believers and prepares them for a successful walk with Jesus Christ for life.

We do believe that all believers are called to Discipleship and eventual spiritual maturity of Eldership.

We understand that this is counter to the typical Christian Church Doctrines of today, but we stand on these beliefs because we believe that they are biblical. We do not want to limit God by restricting the ministry gifts to specific individuals. Instead, we desire to allow God to use each and every believer for the work of the ministry as the Lord desires. Please select our Statement of Faith for better understanding of our beliefs.

We don't go to a church, Because We are the Ekklesia!