The mind blowing truths that are being uncovered like those in the following videos are increasing in spite of the fact that the majority of society has been brainwashed and indoctrinated to ignore and discount any truth that is not deemed acceptable or permissible as truth by our puppet string controllers. We truly are living in a matrix that has been designed to keep us controlled with entertainment (Movies, Television, Music, Web Streaming Content, Video Games, Sports Entertainment of all kinds, Modern Educational Curriculum, Social Media) which are all designed to subvert the truth with indoctrination and programming that reinforces their control over us.

They have allowed us to live a lie so that they could continue to enjoy the profits of our labor and suffering. But we are getting to the point where AI (Artificial Intelligence), automation and robotics along with technological developments is changing there focus. They will no longer need so many us for slave labor to bolster their profits and now the time for population reduction has come. They have been culling multitudes of unneeded populations over the last 500 years and it has been easy for them to conceal this from the public eye of the majority of society. But now that the number of reductions must increase exponentially due to the decreasing need for us, they must invent new ways to subvert the attention of society away from the ever growing evidence that they are killing us off slowly in their depopulation effort. Blaming the death on diseases, false flag events, perpetrated wars and proxy wars, and soon climate change related disasters which they are creating with geoengineering of our planet.

The most frightening thing is that they have only begun to ramp up their work of depopulation in the last 100 years. There is much worse events to come. But the majority of our society still refuses to believe this evident truth, or take any action against this diabolical effort in spite of the fact that they will see more and more proof that we are being killed off by these deranged psychotic controllers of the world. One of the greatest inventions of these monsters is the term “Conspiracy Theorist” as it is a label that was created to discount any advancement in subjective thought process by the people. (Being able to connect the dots of the blatant truths that reveal hidden agendas which are glaringly evident and in our faces). They developed the “Conspiracy Theorist” concept right after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They were able to establish a system of thought and action that would successfully quell and diminish anyone or any group that tries to expose underlying truth of any agenda that is corrupt or evil in nature. This is amazing to observe as we see the cancel culture and the crazy censorship that has evolved globally.

There is another work in progress that is the culmination of a long methodical plan of action to prepare the world for the One World Government System that they have desired to establish for many years. They understand that they cannot force this One World System onto sovereign nations because the citizens of sovereign nations would fight the plans to implement this One World Government out of loyalty to the flag and the national heritage of their country.

A perfect example of course is the United States of America. A young and recent country created by the people for the people, and supposedly a free nation under God which was supposedly indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Well they new that the common citizens of the United States of America would never embrace the One World Government system, so they knew that they had to change the fabric and makeup of our country. They knew that the only way to change it is to implement chaos, division, instability, financial ruin, moral depravity, and over-all growth of selfishness stemming from a survival driven atmosphere. So the infiltration began quickly as we saw the civil war occur back in 1861 and it lasted to 1865. The main cause of that war was over division, prejudice and the opposition to the controlling agenda that was to do with tariffs and the profitability to sanction slavery in the new western territories of the United States.

( ). This civil war is just one example of how wealth, power and control are at the core of every historical event throughout the history of our planet. The wealth controllers clearly understand that a house divided against itself cannot stand. They are at work in every sovereign nation sowing discord and division now. They are chipping away at the financial infrastructure to bring it all crashing down so that a direct result of the chaos that ensues from a financial crash will be the people of every sovereign nation submitting to and embracing a New World Order out of fear and the need and desire to return to normalcy (Which will never happen). This has been proven over and over again. Just look at European nations and how fast they relinquished their sovereignty to the European Union. They have found the best tool to create this fear and chaos in “Terrorism” and they now are able to label anyone they want to as a Terrorist (True Christians will be labeled as domestic terrorists one day soon! They have already begun to call True Christian doctrine and the Holy Bible Hate Speech due to the fact that the Bible calls out the sinful nature of man and clearly condemns it (identification of same sex relations as sinful in the sight of God). There are many forms of terrorism because they need to make this tool broad in spectrum and variable so that they can apply it to any and every situation that they want to.

They are preparing us for major changes that they plan to implement. The preparation work is necessary so that we will accept the changes and go along with them easily and not fight them. They are deploying these tools of preparation globally every day and their plan is methodical and effective. They have lulled us into a trance so strong that nobody dares to push back. Nobody dares to sacrifice their comforts in order to stand up to tyrannical overreach. We saw this in the COVID-19 experiment which we are still going through. The lock-downs and vaccine mandates, which were illegal in many countries, including the USA, because none of the countries declared martial law to validate the house arrests we were forced into or the testing and vaccinations that we were coerced into submitting to. This will get worse as the days go on and there is no escaping this agenda. This is not just one country suffering at the hands of a dictator or group of tyrants. This is all of the nations of the world submitting to the wealth controllers tyrannical take over. We cannot stop this from coming to pass. They will succeed in their efforts because they have prepared for this over may years. They made sure that they covered all of the bases. Taking ownership of all positions of authority by injecting their groomed servants in to positions of power; Presidencies, Congresses, Parliaments, Ruling Dictatorships and Parties on the federal and state levels in all of the countries of significance in our world. Even Pastors and Clergy have been employed by these controlling monsters and the attending church goers do not understand these truths and are indoctrinated and programed to reject the truth. Corporate domination by monopolizing industry by consolidating all corporate entities into conglomerate corporations and hedge funds like Black Rock, Vanguard, State Street, Berkshire Hathaway, Bank of America, etc. There goal is to own everything by 2030. This is no joke and can be fact checked by simple research of course, not literally visiting a fake fact checking website (which are owned by these conglomerations).

When they finally get the countries of the world primed and ready with civil unrest sparked from financial collapse, social division through race wars, political wars, cultural indifference and many more devices, they will then finalize their plans and enact the takeover of each and every sovereign nation. They will do this under the guise of rescuing the nations from themselves (With UN Peace Keeping Actions), and they will begin the final implementation of the One World Government with a One World Church. This will look like a resolution to the problems the world has been dealing with (the problems that these evil controllers created to begin with). The majority of the populace will invite these controllers to come in and establish order because of the ensuing chaos. They will be ready to receive the The New World Order. This will set the stage for the Anti-Christ to take his position as our New World Order leader.

The Anti-Christ will most likely be of Jewish lineage in some way, because that is the only way that the Jews will receive this man as their Messiah. Even Christians will receive this One World Leader because a large majority of the Christian base has been compromised with false teachings. They have been taught to align themselves with Zionist Jews and they will receive this Anti-Christ just as the Jews receive Him. The smaller remnant of Christians who study the Bible and understand the truths found in the word of God will not receive the Anti-Christ or take his mark.

True Christianity has been infiltrated by the father of lies (SATAN) in the first Century AD. The church (The Ekklesia). The book of acts was the true representation of what the body of Jesus Christ is suppose to look like. They had no loyalty to political views, no desire to be like the world nor did they want to keep a worldly view. They did as they were commanded and come out from the beast system of this world and lived holy lives separated and sanctified to God. This was unpopular and caused even more disdain from ruling authorities in the Roman Empire and the Jewish communities. They were persecuted by the Jews and the Romans and they met in secret because they feared for their lives. When Christianity could not be beaten and wiped out of them, the Roman Empire leadership decided to covertly infiltrate the Christian faith by claiming that Christianity would be the official religion of the Roman Empire. The truth is, they did not incorporate true Christian doctrine into the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire always incorporated the pagan religions of the nations they conquered into their religion because is allowed for the citizenry of these conquered nations to assimilate to the Roman Empire more easily. The Roman Empire had to conquer the Christian faith by a different method than conventional warfare because it had no success in their continued efforts to stop Christianity. So theyChristianity by title as their standard religion, but they did not repent and turn from their pagan religion practices that they had accumulated over the many years of conquering nations. Instead, they rolled Christian concepts into their pagan religion creating a false Christianity of continued pagan temple worship under a new guise. They took over the Ekklesia (Body of Christ) making it a pagan temple worship movement called the Church. Church history tells the story and it does not lie or mislead.

The Jews are still waiting for their Messiah to come because they did not receive Jesus as their Messiah. Instead of receiving Jesus Christ as their Messiah, they had Jesus Christ crucified. They are waiting for another King David type leader to show up with power and might to rule the world. The Anti-Christ will have this power and they will take his mark and worship Him because the Jews have always been focused on the things of this world and not the eternal things of the kingdom of God. They seek to obtain and maintain power, control, authority, wealth and world domination. They do not desire the will of God but instead desire the pleasures of this life and all that it has to offer.

A True Christian will live a humble life like Jesus Christ lived and their focus will be on the Kingdom of God and it’s principals. Their focus is on serving God and their brothers and sisters in God’s Family (The Ekklesia) and preparing themselves for an eternity with Jesus Christ. They store up their riches in heaven where moth, rust and corruption cannot destroy it or anyone can steal it away by serving here on earth just like Jesus commanded.

The true teachings of Christianity was to live for the glory of God and die to one’s self or sinful nature by taking up our cross daily to follow Jesus Christ. The Christian Standards of today are the biggest deception of all and is not not true Christianity. The warped and perverted Christianity we see prevalent today is the end result of false doctrine being slipped into the church which forces the focus and emphasis of the believer on things of this world rather than the Kingdom of God. It appeals to the lusts of the sinful nature of man and it marginalizes and reasons away the compromise that is prevalent in Christianity today. The majority of Christians today are Christians because they want the benefits of being a Christian instead of wanting to serve God and their fellow man. A self centered, self focused false Christianity has taken over true Christianity and does not line up with the true doctrine and principals of Christianity found in the scriptures.


The 1918 “Spanish Flu” Pandemic did not begin in Spain. Just like the 2019 COVID 19 Pandemic did not begin in China. They both began in laboratories and were intentionally introduced to the population with bad intentions. We do not understand how evil our governments really are yet. But they are not done yet and we will eventually get it.


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