Mankind has a common enemy and his name is Satan

Regardless of whether you are a Bible Believing Christian or not, you have an enemy that hates you and desires to ruin your chance of ever knowing or sustaining a relationship with God. He hates God and all of God’s creation. His name is Satan. He is a fallen angel of God that rose up against God while in heaven as he believed that he was equal with God. He convinced 1/3 of all the angels in heaven to side with him and they were all cast down from heaven to the earth before it was fully formed.

Satan and the fallen angels witnessed the creation and saw God create man in His own image and walk with the man and woman in the garden of Eden. He hated God’s creation and made it his prime purpose to separate them from God. He knew that man’s disobedience to God would create the separation and He succeeded in convincing the man and woman to disobey God causing them to be separated from God. By this disobedience SIN entered the world and it is SIN that separates us from God.

The Creation and 1st SIN of mankind in the Garden of Eden

Here are a few videos to help you understand who Satan is and also the demons and people who serve him!

We need to know who Satan is and what he is up to.
Satan has an army of angels that serve him
It is critical to believe that the Devil and Demons exist
Demons serve Satan, but there are people that serve him also and Jesus calls them children of the Devil
signs to watch out for

We don't attend church… Because We are the Ekklesia!

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